Warranty Policy

We at iWatch Fixed, offer OneĀ Year Warranty* on our repair services. We use top quality spare parts for the repairs. We source our spare parts from reputed Australian suppliers that gives us edge over our competitors. If incase the replaced spare part fails to work given that there is no external force or damage been done, then it will be covered under warranty. Warranty is exclusive to the parts used to repair customer’s device. Warranty covers the labour cost and the parts used to fix your device.Ā 

The following items are specifically excluded from the Warranty

  • Any subsequent accidental damage to the device after we have completed your repair
  • Operational or mechanical failure of the device (or part thereof) caused by an unexpected orĀ unintentional external event (e.g. dropping the device or placing undue pressure and/or force on the deviceĀ as a result from mishandling)
  • Water/liquid damagedĀ to the device after it is been repaired
  • Any software related issues
  • Faults not relating to the original repair done (e.g. if weĀ replace the screen, the warranty would not cover for the battery issue)
  • Loss of data (always ensure you backup your device before getting your device repaired)
  • Subsequent repair or inspection by a third party. Warranty will get void immediately if the watch has been repaired or inspected by a third party within the warranty period.
  • Any pre-existing issues that were evident prior to theĀ original repair
  • Any issues or problems relating to watch features and functions that we were not able to verify as being fully operational prior to our repair (for example, because the device was not charged, or the passcode to the device was not provided)
  • Jailbroken devices
  • Batteries are classified as a consumable item and are not covered under the 1 year warranty. iWatch Fixed will however provide a 6 month warranty on battery replacements.
Note: Once we have opened your Apple Watch for any kind of repair service, it will NOT remain waterproof. We ensure that your device is sealed with high-quality seal to keep it safe for moisture and debris but we cannot provide any kind of guarantee that it will be waterproof like original rating.
We highly recommend not to use Apple Watch under water after it has been repaired as any subsequent water damage to the watch will not be covered in any kind of warranty.

Effective as of August, 2021.